Facial Treatments

Customized . Relaxing . Repairing

The Refresher Facial  - $79

This 60 minute treatment was specially created for those who require deep cleansing and skin repair by giving all the attention to deep cleaning the pores through exfoliation, warm steam, and extractions. A specialty masque finishes your treatment. This treatment is suitable for all skin types. Massage not included.

The Refresher Facial PLUS - $84

Can't resist the skinfinity neck and shoulder massage? Now you can combine the well-loved signature neck and shoulder massage with all the benefits of The Refresher Facial for some extra relaxation! 60 minute treatment.

The Relax Facial - $90

The Relax Facial is the perfect choice for someone looking for a thorough treatment with relaxing massage. This 1 hour facial begins with a double skin cleanse, exfoliation of dead skin cells, warm relaxing steam and either a hand or foot massage. As you drift off, blemishes are carefully removed. A layered masque* is applied to finish your treatment along with a skinfinity signature neck and shoulder massage. *some treatments require only one layer.

The Skinfinity Signature Facial - $ 125

This award-winning, 1 hour 30 minute facial begins with a thorough, deep cleanse, exfoliation and soothing steam. Your hands are massaged with optional warming hand mitts. Extractions are performed in the most gentle and careful way followed by skinfinity spa's signature 20 minute face, neck and shoulder massage. A layered masque* is applied, specialty eye treatment, finishing with a therapeutic foot massage. This is a skinfinity favorite! *some masque treatments require one layer.

Acne Clear Facial - $90

The Acne Clear Facial is a complete customized treatment using the most effective and performance driven products and techniques for immediate results and continued acne support. This treatment begins with a deep cleanse, followed by a powerful exfoliating masque with steam. Extractions are skillfully performed, leaving no trace of redness or inflammation (Jennifer's specialty!). The use of the high frequency wand, which is a safe and painless treatment, will disinfect, soothe, and increase circulation. Blood vessels contract and toxins are pushed away, while simultaneously increasing nutrient supply and hydration. A finishing masque will complete the treatment while you relax with a neck and shoulder massage.

Oxygen Infusion Therapy Facial - $115

Infused oxygen delivers a cocktail of nutritional supplements to rejuvenate tired, sluggish skin by increasing hydration, cell renewal and removing waste by-products. Oxygen therapy increases circulation, plumps the tissue, lightens surface pigmentation and is an effective antibacterial treatment. This treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions and treatment masque. The oxygen therapy facial also includes a hand massage and a neck and shoulder massage to complete the service!

Back Facial - $80

Looking for a wonderful and extremely relaxing service? We cater to the back, just as we would to the face. An entire hour is dedicated to deep cleansing your back, with an emphasis on exfoliating and detoxifying. Hot towels will loosen your muscles to prepare for a 10-minute massage.* A therapeutic masque for the back finishes your treatment. *Massage may be omitted due to certain skin conditions.
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