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Skinfinity has grown to be one of the most prominent esthetic spots in Orange County, guaranteeing quality and professionalism to all of our guests. We are committed to providing our devoted clientele with a comfortable and tailored experience. Each service is customized to your needs so that you leave every appointment confident you made the right decision in choosing Skinfinity. 

Skinfinity specializes in extremely relaxing corrective facial treatments & quality brow shaping, while providing immediate, visible and lasting results.

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Owner, Licensed Esthetician

Nicole is passionate about skin and all things aesthetics. As owner of Skinfinity, she strives to provide a welcoming atmosphere and unique experience that really treats each client, based on their individual needs. With over 15 years of industry experience and 12 years as an esthetician, she has really gained a knack for working with all types of skin. Whether it is clearing and healing problematic skin, a need for more moisture, seeking a brighter complexion, or even just maintaining healthy skin, Nicole is here for you!  She has a talent for shaping brows, from those with lots of hair growth, to those with hardly any! Her goal as an esthetician is to provide relaxing facial & brow services with RESULTS! 

"Corrective skincare is my jam but I also believe in the “spa” experience and want to leave my clients feeling pampered and relaxed during their treatment. I really believe in educating my clients, so they have a true understanding of their own skin and the treatments I can offer, as well as what works outside of the treatment room. I am an Orange County Native, TV series junkie, enjoy date nights with my hubby and love being a mommy to my four awesome kiddos!  " -Nicole



Facialist, Licensed Cosmetologist

Katelyn has a true passion for the aesthetic industry! After experiencing years of problematic skin and seeing first hand the difference proper skin care & treatments makes, she is committed to helping others achieve their skin goals as well! Offering corrective and relaxing facial services, she loves working with acne & problematic skin as well as helping her client's skin age gracefully. 

“I am a cosmetologist that fell in love with skin care, it’s now one of my biggest passions. I’ve been in this industry for three years now and am loving every minute I get to help others feel like their best self! When I’m not in the studio,  I’m usually trying to find some sunshine and a pool or beach to relax at... wearing spf, of course!” - Katelyn

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Serving Clients Since 2001

Founded in 2001, Skinfinity started out of a small room inside a hair salon. Now years later, we have grown into our own boutique spa. Nicole stepped in as owner in 2018 to continue on the Skinfinity name and reputation, providing the very best facials in OC. Jennifer, the founder of Skinfinity, retired to move out of state. Nicole actually started at Skinfinity, as a client of Jennifer's, over 11 years ago. New to the industry, Nicole aspired to perform and treat clients as she was treated at Skinfinity and modeled her technique to match. Nicole stepped in to cover Jennifer's maternity leave in 2016 and upon her return, continued working alongside Jennifer, mastering her tricks and ways. Upon Jennifer’s retirement it was a no brainer that Nicole would naturally be the best fit and choice to continue on, running Skinfinity as the new owner.  

 In an ever-changing and growing industry, Skinfinity strives to stay up to date and "in the know" of the latest esthetic trends and provide our clients with the very best services we can offer.

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